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James A. Robb, Attorney

Insurance Law
Acquiring and maintaining insurance coverage that fits the needs of aircraft pilots and operators is essential to limiting personal liability for damages to others.  James Robb brings his background in aviation, law, and insurance to advise clients in this complex, but critical area.

Acquisition of coverage
Providing evaluation services and assisting with the selection of an insurance company that suits your planned operation of the aircraft and has the financial stability to pay should claims arise, as well as customizing coverage to minimize personal risk exposure

Tailoring of coverage
Assisting with selection of coverage limits and endorsements to suit your operation, as well as customized coverage to minimize risk exposure

Evaluation of immunities and exposures
Identification of federal and state laws that may provide total or limited immunities for planned operations, as well as evaluation of types of aircraft operations and suggestions for modification of operational procedures to lessen risk exposures

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